Current Activity

Postdoctoral project on different regimes of civic engagement among the Danish population in the development of green cities (2018-2021).


Grants and Awards

‘Teaching Prize 2018′ of the Sociological Council (students’ association), University of Copenhagen

Ragna-Rask Nielsens Basic Research Fund (Royal Danish Academy of Sciences) 2018

Gerda Henkel Research Scholarship for Postdocs 2017

Krarup & Blok (2011) shortlisted for the Sociological Review Prize for Outstanding Scholarship 2011


Academic publications

Christensen, A.G., T. Krarup, A.K. Juvik & Jakob L.-T. (2020). Fælleshed som bynaturens sted: Metodologiske tilgange til familiært engagement i bygrønne fællesskaber. Dansk Sociologi 4(30): 37-57. (link) (postprint.docx)

Krarup, T. (2019). Money and the ‘Level Playing Field’: The Epistemic Problem of European Financial Market Integration.’ New Political Economy (link) (postprint.docx)

Krarup, T. (2019). ‘Between competition and centralization: the new infrastructures of European finance.’ Economy and Society 48(1): 107-126 (link) (postprint.docx)

Krarup, T. (2019). ‘The collateral liquidity problem in contemporary finance and the resurrection of quantity theory.’ Competition and Change 23(3): 245-265 (link) (postprint.docx)

Krarup, T. (2019). ‘Ordo versus Ordnung? Catholic or Lutheran roots  of German ordoliberal economic theory?’ International Review of Economics 66(3): 305-323 (link) (postprint.docx)

Krarup, T. (2019). ‘German Political and Economic Ideology in the Twentieth Century and its Theological Problems: The Lutheran Genealogy of Ordoliberalism.’ European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology. 6(3): 317-342 (link) (postprint.docx)

Pedersen, P. & T. Krarup (2018) ‘Foucault og Problematiseringsanalyse – en analysemodel.’ Pp. 225-243 in Gildberg & Hounsgaard (eds.) Kvalitative analysemetoder i sundhedsforskning. Aarhus: Klim. (link)

Krarup, T. & M. Munk (2016) ‘Field theory in cultural capital studies of educational attainment.’ British Journal of Sociology of Education 37(5): 761-779. (link) (postprint.pdf)

Demant, J. & T. Krarup (2013). ‘Adolescent Alcohol Intoxication in Denmark: Policy, Culture, and Industry.’ Contemporary Drug Problems 40(2): 259-289. (link)

Krarup, T. (2012). ‘Den bureaukratiske elite – karriereveje og topposter i centraladministrationen.’ Dansk Sociologi 23(2): 43-65. (pdf)

Krarup, T. & A. Blok (2011) ’Unfolding the Social: Quasi-actants, Virtual Theory, and the New Empiricism of Bruno Latour.’ The Sociological Review 59(1): 42-63. (link) (postprint.docx)

PhD Dissertation

‘Economic Discourse and European Market Integration: The Problem of Financial Infrastructures’, MaxPo Center, Sciences Po Paris, Defended 4 November 2016 (link) (summary)

Selected working Papers and dissemination

Blok, A., A. Gravegaard, J-L Thomsen & T. Krarup (2020) ‘Grønne fællesskaber i byerne: Civilt engagement og medborgerskab i bynatur og grønne områder.’ University of Copenhagen and Danish Outdoor Council. (link)

Krarup, T. (2020). ‘The market-money-infrastructures problem nexus in Europe’. Work in Progress (American Sociology Association) (link)

Krarup, T. (2020). ‘Money and the ‘Level Playing Field’: The Epistemic Problem of European Financial Market Integration‘. Just Money (link)

Krarup, T. (2019) ‘Power elite(s) in question: Sociological imagination, methods, and the study of those who run the country.’ Discover Society (link)

Blok, A., Christensen, A.G., Krarup, T., Laage-Thomsen, J. (2019) ‘The civics of urban greening: Topics, tendencies, and tensions from the frontlines of sustainable transition.’ Discover Society (link)

Krarup, T. (2016) ‘Economic Discourse and the European Integration of Financial Infrastructures and Financial Markets.’ MaxPo Discussion Paper 16/2 (link)

Krarup, T. & C. Foster (2015) ‘Jens Weidmann’s Austere One-Eyed Vision.’ Social Europe (link)

Munk, M. & T. Krarup (2011) ‘Cultural Capital Theory Revisited: Explanations of Educational Reproduction and Beyond.’ Working Paper, Aalborg University (link)



PhD in Sociology, Sciences Po, Paris

MSc in Sociology, University of Copenhagen

BAs in Sociology and Political Science, University of Copenhagen



Research experience:

Postdoctoral Project ‘Discourses on Order and the Genealogy of Economic Governance in the European Union’ (July-November 2017), funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation

PhD Fellow at the Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies (MaxPo) at Sciences Po, Paris (link)

Research assistant at Center for Mobility Research (Aalborg University) and at Center for Alcohol and Drug Research (Aarhus University)


Teaching experience:

Courses completed

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (“adjunktpædagogikum”) 2018

University Teaching Course for Academic Staff 2018

Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen (2018-2021)

Philosophy of Science (lecturer, 2nd semester, ~100 students)

Methodology and Design of Inquiry (lecturer, 6th semester, ~100 students)

Problematization Analysis: How and Why Something Became a Problem (lecturer, graduate seminar, ~15 students)

BA and MA supervision

Copenhagen Business School (2017)

Philosophy of Science (TA, 2 classes of ~30 students)

Lectures on Bourdieu’s Sociology

1st-year project supervision (PoS and methodology)

Sciences Po (2014)

Introduction to Sociology (TA, 2 classes of  ~30 students)


Other experience:

Project assistant at Statistics Denmark, City of Holbæk and Danish Society for Patient Safety.

Student assistant at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and the Directorate for Food, Fisheries and Agri Business